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Joel C. Rosenberg has written many fictional books based on prophecy and he has been very accurate with his novels. He has a blog that is fantastic to keep up with what God is doing through him. He meets with politicians in Israel and in the United States. He has created The Joshua Fund and constantly blogs about what is going on in "The Epicenter."

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
"May those who love you be secure.
(Psalm 122:6)

  A Time to Betray

Reza Kahlili is a fomer Muslim who has chosen Christ. His story is intriguing and gives an insight into the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.

  Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian Media Watch  is an Israeli research institute that studies Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives by monitoring and analyzing the Palestinian Authority through its media and schoolbooks. PMW’s major focus is on the messages that the Palestinian leaders, from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Hamas, send to the population through the broad range of institutions and infrastructures they control.

This helps to get a better understanding of what is really happening in the Middle East.

  One Life


  Open Doors

Open Doors is the world's largest outreach to persecuted Christians in the most high-risk areas of the world. They provide Bibles, Bible training, support, prayer and advocacy for Christians in areas of the world where professing a faith in Jesus may often mean threats, loss of income and even death.

  Voice of the Martyrs

A global perspective on the persecution of God's children.

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